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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tai Chi Fire Balls - How To Throw From Your Palms

How To Throw Chi Fire Balls From Your Palms - Final Lesson. DIGG IT! Tai Chi Fire Balls
If you've been following our Martial Arts Lessons, you know that we've been building up to this last climax on Chi Fire Ball Throwing for a while now. If you have NOT read the first part, please do so now. Part1 How To Throw Chi Fire Balls.

This past weekend, I've had the rare and venerable honor of being invited to an 8 hour Kung Fu Lesson with Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai, the Greatest Living Tai Chi Grand Master. If you know anything about Tai Chi, there are four main schools from Chen to Yang. Grand Master Zhu is the head of the oldest family line.

I jumped on the opportunity to ask him all of my most burning martial arts questions. The questions included, "How do you injure an attacker without physical contact using invisible Buddha's Palm?" "Is it possible to jump into tall trees several stories high?" and of course, "How do you throw a burning fire chi ball?"

He gave me detailed answers to two of my questions. One of the two are passed on here. DIGG IT! Tai Chi Fire Balls

To summarize our last lesson, we discussed training your lao-kung point in the middle of your palm to inhale and exhale. This is a key to being able to cast and project fire from your palms. If you "inhale" with your palm correctly, there will be a golf ball size semi circle dent in your palm. If you "exhale" correctly, your palm will be flat.

Notice the curvature of one jellyfish over the flatness of another in the picture here. This ability to rapidly inhale and exhale with the palm of your hand is what creates the propulsion of your chi fire balls.

Once you've got the basic palm breathing technique down, you've got to work on precision of aim and propulsion power. To sharpen your aim and power, get a candle. Practice putting it out with nothing more than the jellyfish like exhaling of your palm. Its ok to thrust your palm forward but do not wave it. The force most issue perpendicularly from your palm.

Now that you've mastered extinguishing candles from 5 feet away with your palm breathing, you are ready to hear what Grand Master Zhu taught.

He goes on to relate (in Chineese), (please allow for some amount of translation error...)"I had heard of other Chi Kung and Martial Arts Masters with the ability to burn you with their palm. I can make my palm hot or cold with intention alone but never hotter than a regular fever. I decided to investigate.

"I made a special visit to a Chi Kung Master who as proported to have mastered the art of burning palm. I visited him to see for my self. He extended his hand and said that he could make his palm hot enough to burn paper. Then for extra difficulty, he wet the paper with water. As soon as the paper hit his palm, it started smoking. Then it burned up. It did not catch on fire but the paper nevertheless did burn.

"Of all the years of my own energy cultivation practice (chi kung) I have never been able to get my hand that hot. So I was baffled. I asked the master to share his technique with me. He refused.

"Later, I spoke with a different master who did share the secret with me. And it is Kung Fu Chi Magic," then Grandmaster Zhu paused.

At this point, I'm salivating. I wasn't ever sure if he would relate the magical technique to me at all. So to preserve the integrity of the way the story was told, let me digress and give you some background now.

In the old world, they didn't have WMD's. No automatic weapons. And no multi mega-ton bombs. So the greatest weapon they had was fear. If an attacking army believed that the village they were attacking had warriors of supernatural power, they were defeated before they attacked. So it was the strategy of many brilliant martial artists to become "magical."

In a combat situation, a burning chi ball master would roll up his sleeves then show his attacker both sides of his hands. Next, would vigorously rub his hands together and expel fire from his palms directly into the attacker's eyes. He would let the newly blind attacker live to tell the story to his fellow soldiers thus creating legends.

Back to the story. Grand Master Zhu continues, "The next master started by saying that he could do the same thing. He proceeded to rub his hands together vigorously (like in Reiki). And sure enough, his hands became burning hot.

"I again asked how that was done. It was explained.

WARNING, Your perception of Martial Arts may forever change after this. If you like how you see Martial Arts now, DO NOT READ FURTHER.

"He told me that when I wasn't looking he took a small amount of chemical and lodged it underneath his finger nails. Then, rubbing his hands together, he mixed the chemical with sweat causing a burning reaction."

When I heard this, It was like telling me there was no Santa Clause or Tooth Fairy in one day. This is not to say that the Burning Chi Ball Technique doesn't require any practice. The trick is to get the acid off your hands and into the attacker's eyes before your palms burn off.

I was not told what herb or chemical is used to produce this effect but I found a chemical that seems to have the same properties. It generates heat when mixed with H2O.

Chemical Name(s)% W CAS Registry No.Table Z- 1 - A
TWA mg/m3
Na hydroxide30-401310-73-22
Na silicate1-51344-09-8Not Established
Na glucoheptonate1-531138-65-5Not Established
Unusual Fire & Explosive Hazards: Products of combustion are toxic. Contact with aluminum or other reactive metals may release hydrogen gas. Heat is generated when mixed with water. This reaction may be violent.

Next, How To Strike A Buddy from Across the Room Without Physical Contact... DIGG IT! Tai Chi Fire Balls

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